Residential Service

We are excited to announce the partnership of A-Waste with Republic Services starting on December 01, 2018

Guidelines for Residential Service

We would like to share just a few guidelines for the use of our weekly trash service.

  • Please have your trash by the road the night before your service day.
  • Michigan state law prohibits the disposal of yard waste (leaves, grass clippings, brush, etc.) in a landfill.
  • Please do not put any liquids (paint, oil, etc.) out for pick up. We are prohibited by state law from disposing of this material in the landfill.
  • Our drivers can not pick up batteries, tires, concrete blocks, bricks, or other construction materials.
  • We are not responsible for articles left on/near cans, damages to cans, etc.
  • Please confine pets on pickup day.
  • If you have any large items for disposal, such as appliances or furniture, please bring to our transfer station for a small fee.
  • Please have all trash bagged and tied in your container. This prevents fly-out down the road.
  • Do not overload the container! The weight limit is 200 lbs.
  • To prevent theft or damage to the cart, please do not leave it at the road throughout the week.
  • The holidays we observe are New Years Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas. All garbage will be delayed by one day if the above Holiday falls on a weekday.

Residential Container Sizes

We offer the following container sizes:

  • 96 gal
  • Prepaid Yellow Bag Service // Formally know as Tag Service
    • The A-Waste tags will be honored until June 2019

Please call us at (231) 834-9913 for current rates.

Billing Information

Billing Schedules

We have two different billing schedules — even-month and odd-month. If you do not know your schedule, please call us. One bill will cover service for two months.

Even Month Billing
February – billed for March & April
April – billed for May & June
June – billed for July & August
August – billed for September & October
October – billed for November & December
December – billed for January & February
Odd Month Billing
January – billed for February & March
March – billed for April & May
May – billed for June & July
July – billed for August & September
September – billed for October & November
November – billed for December & January

** All residential service billing will be changing from bi-monthly invoices to to quarterly invoices by April 2019. This change will not effect your monthly rate (prices will remain the same). The only change is the billing cycle/frequency in which you are billed.  

Billing Guidelines

If you have not received a bill 10 days after invoice date, please call our office. Payment is due in full on or before end of month. Any amount left unpaid will be delinquent. A late fee of $5.00 will be added to each bill payed after the due date. We have a NSF check charge of $25.00. Your account must be brought current before your service will continue.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. Credit card payments may be made over the phone for a $3 processing fee. There is no fee for check payments made by phone.

We also offer direct pay. All direct pay payments will be submitted on the day of invoicing and will automatically draw out on the 16th of the month. Therefore, all changes to your service must be made prior to the invoice date.

If you feel a credit owed to you, please call our office. A credit can only be applied to the next billing cycle. Any service cancelled in the middle of your billing cycle will not be refunded. If you are moving or will not need service, you will need to call our office paying your bill.

Delinquent Accounts

All accounts not paid by the 1st day past due will be noted during pick up or called with the past due notice. If no attempt is made to make payment arrangements before next pick-up, service will be interrupted. After service interruption starts cans will be scheduled for pull.