Cities of Grant/Newaygo Residents

A-Waste offers residential trash service for Cities of Grant and Newaygo residents. The following information applies only to these customers.

Cities of Grant/Newaygo Residential Service Rules

  • The can must be at the curbside, no further than 3 feet from the curb or road edge
  • Follow arrow instructions on top of the can
  • Please bag all trash, a tag must be on each bag if bag customer
  • Rates are set up for 1 full container a week, nothing extra on the side or stacked on top, lid must be closed.
  • The can must be placed 5ft away from any obstructions, cars, mailboxes, trees etc…
  • The can must be out by 4am the day of pick-up
  • Items we can not pick-up during your regular weekly service:
    • Car batteries
    • yard waste
    • hazardous materials
    • wet paint (we can take paint cans but they must be dried up or empty)
    • concrete or blocks
    • box springs and mattress
    • Car tires ( unless they are cut into quarters)
    • construction materials

Rules on the monthly bulk item clean up

Done on the first Tuesday of every month.

Waste must be placed out with the regular weekly waste by 4am the day of pick-up.

The amount of trash is limited to one square yard (3′ by 3′) of waste. The driver will pull up to your house and load his truck up to the 1 yard mark and leave.

The following items are not accepted. If your items fall under the not accepted list please call 5-Corners Transfer station to check prices and or ability to take the items.

  • Car batteries, yard waste, hazardous chemicals, wet paint cans, concrete and blocks, car tires (unless they are cut in quarters), and construction materials.
  • No mattresses larger than a double and they must be dry.
  • Furniture will be limited to 1 piece only, anything else beside it will not be picked up. The item must be dry.
  • No construction material will be picked up, this includes drywall, windows, toilets, sinks, tubs, glass, flooring, shingles, siding but not limited to these items.
  • No TVs larger than 32”
  • Acceptable appliances would be dish washer, dryers, stoves, and washing machines (washing machines are going to be driver discretion because of weight) Not acceptable would be air conditioners, refrigerators, and freezers.
  • Carpet and padding must be cut into 2ft strips and rolled and tied, and must be dry.
  • No ashes or burn material.
  • Bagged items or small receptacles must not weigh over 20lbs, and must not include household waste (food, diapers, animal waste etc). Bags could be subject to inspection.
  • Bulky items beyond 1 square yard and accepted items that do not fit into the restricted specs above, (except hazardous materials, wet paint cans, and car tires-unless cut into quarters) can be brought into our transfer station for a nominal fee.